You can arbitrarily wait for the perfect companion. But the real person will live will be different from expectations. Similarly, you do not perfect for him. To become happy will those couples in which the partners deliberately adjust their behavior and expectations to become closer to each other.

“Before you start a serious relationship, consider annoying features partner. Divide them into two groups. The first quality that he could theoretically change for you. In the second group will be that he can not change. This includes religious beliefs, views about the role of women or men in the family, temperament, and appearance. If you are ready to take it, it makes no sense to continue the relationship,” recommends the expert.

According to E. Melnikova, the Next category of features that may cause a conflict, – the habits strange to you. The passion for football, reading books, collecting stamps, a passion for singing any unfamiliar and strange for you activity can cause rejection. The best quality that helps to overcome this curiosity. Be interested in Hobbies each other and find new common interests.

“Haggle, negotiate, go on mutual concessions. However, it is not necessary to push and manipulate. Talk about desires and expectations openly. If themselves cannot come to an agreement and the conflict has been simmering for months, with the help of a therapist. And remember that needs to hear not only you, but also you. Give your partner at least one chance to interest you in their preferences and tastes,” adds the expert.

The psychologist also stresses that in order for the family unit has been successful, is to create a “new” family habits and traditions, which will delight both. This is a great chance to try something new. Moreover, consumer habits (E.g., Friday night, you get takeout and watch a movie, because too tired for the working week), are able not only to bring together and to facilitate cohabitation.

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