The human brain begins to age 25 years

It turns out that the aging of your brain starts immediately after you turn 25! According to the results of some experiments that have been published in PLOS, the average person continues to improve intellectually very short period of my life… Specify that we are talking not about the General intellectual development, but rather about the special ability of our brain to analyze, process and give the best solutions in the shortest possible time. So, scientists were able to determine that the quality of brain activity reached its maximum to the age of 25.

Neuroscientists from Sweden conducted a series of experiments in which participated more than 3 thousand subjects of all ages (from 9 to 90!). The researchers came to the conclusion that the results of the experiment clearly indicate that twenty-five men are at the peak of their mental abilities and is able to solve problems of any “behavioral complexity”. Thus, age correlated with optimal complexity, is 25 years.

Here’s what he said about scientists from the Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm: “after 25 years, the speed of information processing in neurons starts to decrease and people gradually “roll down” to the lower results, although this is not immediately noticeable. However, after 60 years it is possible to observe a marked deterioration of cognitive function and difficulties with the tasks, not only such as crosswords and puzzles, but also everyday tasks.” In fairness, it should be noted that in this study, researchers evaluated the standard parameters of cognitive domains such as General level of intelligence and receptivity. Neuroscientists were interested in only how effectively people are able to recognize the patterns imposed on them. The authors call them “algorithmic assumptions of human behavior”, stressing that such properties of brain activity have never been studied previously.

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