The fight against baldness sometimes leads to loss of “male power”

Remedy against hair loss like finasteride and dutasteride can cause erectile dysfunction in men. On average, the dysfunction persists four years after the end of the use of funds and initiation of hair growth. As noted, does not help even Viagra. Finasteride thus becomes a more powerful risk factor for dysfunction than diabetes, high blood pressure and Smoking.

The tool reduces the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). It allows to stop hair loss in men. Scientists have studied the properties of finasteride and dutasteride. Both of these tools threaten quite a long erectile dysfunction. Because they men are unable to achieve normal erections for months and sometimes several years.

Drugs are a-blockers, not giving the testosterone to turn into its more active form. By the way, the last resort was originally used to reduce prostate volume. According to the latest research from 11909 men who took designated funds, developed persistent erectile dysfunction in 1.4% of cases. It lasted on average 1348 days. Moreover, the risk of dysfunction has jumped by almost 5 times, if the man was less than 42 years, and he used the vehicle for seven months.

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