That hides greed?

A miser, cheapskate, tightwad – it’s all about them, people used to fuss over every penny. They go to junk, reluctant to part with end things, even if it is a rusty knife from the grinder or tattered pillow case. For the sake of saving a single ruble going to the other end of the city (and pronounce home if they do not do that), buy on sale yogurt expiring, eats the sausage, which has become slimy: “do Not throw away, the money paid!” In short, save all.

Others, understandably, this is annoying. Sometimes it pisses me off. Hunks goes for all heels: the light will turn off, then the hot water will close, the sugar will take away the fridge the chest closed, then starts complaining about chronic lack of money. And okay, if the truth was lack of money: then the excessive thrift can understand – differently not to survive. It’s not even greed, and the instinct of self-preservation.

But very often there are situations when a person is well provided: for example, receiving a pension and rents an apartment, and maybe even somewhere works part-time and still continues to shake over every penny. This is-why?

In search of the truth

Psychologists say that over the years, many traits (unfortunately, not always very good) dwell and come to the fore. For example, if the young man was persistent in his old age he can become stubborn, was careful – would be suspicious, was economical – will become stingy. In addition, there are other reasons.

Impoverished past. People who are accustomed to live in difficult material conditions, would be to count every penny, even if they suddenly fall down a million dollars. Used to save!

The desire to feel safe. Many save money for a rainy day. But this is not a problem. The question is how they are obsessed with saving. If they are not saving, but spending on food, clothing, medicine, travel, Hobbies, – all right. If limit yourself in everything, if only to replenish the Bank account, is a cause for alarm.

Senile dementia. Greed can be a symptom of dementia. But in this case, the avarice joined by other symptoms: memory lapses, lack of hygiene, intolerance to people, inability to perform habitual actions, and so on. It is clear that in such situations, you need to go to a psychiatrist yourself with this problem can not cope.

Mission possible

But if the situation has not gone so far, you can try to find justice for a miser yourself. But it should be done calmly and reasonably.

Task. To throw at least some of the stuff: old magazines, cans, clothes and so on.

Argument. You can emphasize the fact that old things accumulate dust. If to get rid of them, there is a likelihood of allergies, including asthma. Besides, if the thing is not have used for three years, so it is not needed. And you can even refer to the Chinese experience. The people of China believe that the trash accumulates negative energy, preventing the positive to enter the house. In General, will fit any argument.

Task. To convince that it is impossible to save yourself.

Argument. You should try to make the gifts. Let not the most expensive, albeit infrequently. Buy a new sweater, a ticket to the theatre, a slow cooker, which had long dreamed of. Poorer than this will not be, but happier – for sure. The ancient Greeks noticed that the greedy money does not saturate: it can be a lifetime to indulge, but the satisfaction of not feeling. So what’s the point in total savings?

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