Strong language makes a person stronger

An experiment conducted at the University of Kiel confirmed that swearing increases the strength of a person when executing physical exercises. The effect is not so great, but shows itself quite clearly.

The experiment was told by the psychologist Richard Stevens (Richard Stephens) at the conference of the British psychological society in Brighton. It was attended by two groups of people. The first was 29 people at the age of about 21 years. They were asked to exercise on a stationary bike. In the second group were 52 two-person age about 19 years. They had to compress the carpal expander with attached to it by the dynamometer. Part subjects were asked during the exercise to swear. The choice of expletives was provided by the participants themselves. They were asked to use the words that they say, hitting his head. Other participants should speak neutral words that would be suitable to describe, e.g., “wooden” or “brown”. All of the participants during the test used the same word, and shouted it, and repeated tonelessly.

In the result of the curses helped to develop on a stationary bike capacity by an average of 24 watts more, and the people who uttered curses, working with the expander, the “squeeze” on average more than 2.1 kgs.

The experiment was not the first study Richard Stevens, is devoted to the physiological effects of swearing. Previously, scientists found that swearing increases people’s ability to endure pain.

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