Scientists have figured out how to change the personality of the drinker

Responsibility. Openness. Extraversion. The change of mood. Intelligence. These five behavioral characteristics reveal how changing the person in those or other conditions.

And the example of these five factors, scientists at American University of Missouri in St. Louis decided to find out how to change people when drinking alcohol.

Summary of the study – only one of the five above listed factors “losing” drunk.

It turns out that people “tipsy” become more extrovertida. That is, more sociable, active, assertive in the debate. And the rest of the drunk is not so very different from himself sober.

At the very least, these results scientists have obtained as a result of their experiment, which gathered volunteers (156 people) and divided them into two groups.

The first group had to drink for the sake of science in the company of friends and like-minded people, the booze was paid for by the study’s authors, they “ordered” bar – a specially equipped research laboratory.

But participants in the second group had only to observe the first group (as a “consolation prize” they always poured regular soda) and noted in special forms, as, in their opinion, the behaviour of drinkers.
Interestingly, the drinkers also had between the overturning of the piles to have time to make notes about their behavior and personality changes. How they see themselves from the outside…. of their degrees.

The authors of the experiment expected to receive a very different evaluation of the description from both sides – but they were expecting a fiasco.
As it turned out, the estimates are not much different.

Is, of course, surprising that perceptions of drunken and sober about how to change human behavior in the process of drinking, not much different. The participants of our experiments thought I changed all the five key parameters of their personality, but observers said only that has changed only the degree of extroversion, says study leader Rachel Grapes.
And, surprisingly, drunken people were even more critical of themselves, they really believed that their behaviour changes, they become more talkative, Intrusive and unpleasant.

This is largely due to the fact that the drunk often do not remember what happened to them during the repast and after it, and believe that their behavior was “unworthy of a Soviet citizen”.

Meanwhile, in General, the personal qualities and behavior of drunk people does not change as much as commonly believed in society.
However, scientists pay attention to the fact that the results of the experiment apply only to drinking (sometimes) people, but not drinking (constantly). In the case of alcoholics, this scheme is not working. Which confirms, for example, that alcoholics to the last refused to recognize his addiction.

In the near future, scientists plan to repeat the observations in these bars in order to cross-check the results of the experiment and to understand, not affected by laboratory environment on its outcome.

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