Psychologists: how to deal with the spring depression?

Early spring is not the time for a good mood. At least, so says our body. According to statistics, every second resident of Chelyabinsk subject to seasonal malaise. To cope with the disease, the South Urals are increasingly turning to psychologists. But the spring Blues is different from true depression. It is less protracted and you can deal with it yourself.

Elena Savelyev, the psychologist: “to Exercise a hobby for some forgotten, to go to the dance, or, for example, to do what as if does not reach the hands. Of course a sense of usefulness. This will raise the spirits and increase self-esteem. For example, you can help a lonely neighbor or children from the orphanage”.

And to change the way of life or wardrobe. As a cure for melancholy may be suitable therapy. After all, in this season to Shine – in the truest sense of the word. Sequins, metallic sheen and layered outfits will definitely lift your spirits.

Physicians are advised to stock up on fruit – that the deficiency does not exacerbate the situation. Because of good weather will have to wait.

Elena Nikitina, the reporter: “With the end of winter and beginning of spring the people have to take. For example, if the snow began to melt even before the March, the heat is not worth waiting – will freeze. In other matters, early spring, and forecasters do not promise. This year she will come, as it should on schedule is really warm in April.”

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