Psychologists have identified the main signs of love

Psychologists have given a clear definition of fall in love with someone. The studies were headed by an anthropologist from Rutgers University, Dr. Helen Fisher. It has been proven that “love” is a special and unique status of the brain. As the researchers report, when one is in love, he has thoughts about what his partner or fiancee are unique.

There is a confidence that people can not feel sympathy or attraction to someone else which is combined with a belief in the idea. Scientists and experts came to the conclusion that this reaction is caused by an elevated level of one of Gomonov the human body – dopamine. During love man focuses only on the positive qualities of the object of love, while extremely mindful of your negative.

Also at this time they are attentive to the elementary points and things that can remind them of the object of love, dream about, and small gifts. This increased attention is due to the release of various hormones such as dopamine and norepinephrine (produced by the emergence of new enabling factors, increases the amount of memory).

Scientists have found that falling in love is accompanied by emotional and physiological instability. The lovers are experiencing a wide variety of emotions with the slightest change in the relationship. It may be euphoria, and insomnia, and anxiousness, and a sense of panic, anxiety, trembling, shortness of breath.

Such mood changes of such behaviour of people who use drugs. The study also drew attention to the fact that the demonstration lover man videos or photos with the loved one, he in the brain are activated the same areas as that of the drug during dosing. Most scientists say that love is one of types of addiction.

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