Stay away from people who are poorly educated and are not interested in science – most likely, they will not come to your rescue in a difficult moment and can behave immorally.

But those who do science or at least interested in it, often condemn unethical behavior and more inclined to help others.

This fact is established psychologists from Harvard and California universities. Their study was recently published in the online journal PLoS ONE.

The researchers describe four experiments, which allowed to come to this conclusion.

Tell about most interesting of them. 48 students read a story about rape on the first date. Then they were asked to evaluate the behavior of the young men who forced the girl to have sex, on a scale from 1 (fully justified) to 100 (completely wrong).

Students completed a questionnaire that contained all personal information, from religious beliefs to social status. The questionnaire also had a question: “How much do you believe in science?” with a proposal to rate their belief on a 7-point system.

Researchers found no connection between religion or ethnicity and the assessment of the actions of the young man on the first date.

But the students who scored top marks in the question “how much do you believe in science?”, especially who studied at the faculties of biology, psychology and chemistry, condemned the rapist more severely.

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