You are in bed, everything is fine, but you remember that it is better to be protected. Not the fact that your partner is willing to wear a condom! Stephen Snyder, MD, author, sexologist and psychiatrist from new York (USA) talks about the common mistakes of men when using a condom how to correctly use a condom for purposes of contraception and protection against infections, according to


To apply the condom on purpose is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, and for this reason there are many myths about condoms. Surprisingly, many men cannot maintain an erection when wearing it is a means of protection from pregnancy and infections.

Often partners become confused because of this. Sometimes the man decides not to use a condom at all. Many representatives of the stronger sex in my office recognized that it was so hard to use a condom during sex, which in the end just didn’t use protection. By the way, a new kind of condom with handles saves erection.

Many men admit that they were so difficult to use a condom during sex, they just didn’t use protection.

For several years as a doctor-sexologist, I taught the men to use a condom correctly.

Now I’m blogging on the topic of sex, which share information online. If you know people who have had difficulties using a condom, I hope you will be able to share with them the knowledge through my publications.


Imagine that level of sexual excitement is in the range from 0 to 100. A score of 100 is the maximum degree of desire which a person can experience. What was your highest level of excitement? 60? 80? Imagine that scale in mind.

Most men assume that they are physically ready to have sex as soon as their penis becomes hard. But for healthy young men, average excitation level in this case reaches 20.

To be sure that you wear a condom easily and without problems, it is best in that moment to feel sexual desire at least 40.

How to know what level of excitement has now reached the level of 40? You need to tune into their emotions. At around 40 erection may look exactly the same as at level 20, but you become more sensitive. More targeting for a fun and less worried about how well the work now in bed.

How to know when desire is strong and it’s time to put on a condom? When you are targeting more on getting fun and less worried about how well the work now in bed.

You must have experienced that sometimes during sex, right? By the time when the desire reaches 40, the head thinks worse. You are Here and Now, and sex is all you care about at the moment.

Now let’s discuss what blunders should be avoided to correctly use a condom as method of contraception and how to avoid various genital infections.


The first mistake most men is when they try to put on a condom as soon as they began to get excited, that is, at 20.

Why this complicates the situation in bed? Because if you start to wear a condom this time, it is very easy to slip down the arousal level goes down to 15, and having sex will be difficult.

Why do I need to wear a rubber product number 1? This problem has a specific goal. Yes, from an erotic point of view is not very exciting when someone wears a condom. Figuratively speaking, you just want to start and have fun. When you put on a condom at the same moment, he felt the first signs of arousal, is a sure way to lose an erection.

Much better to wait until the state of excitement will reach 40, and then to wear a condom. Yes, at this time do not want to think about anything but sex, and you’re burning with desire. And if now you are a little distracted, put on the condom and excitement will decrease, it will not be a problem compared to the fact, as if his erection has fallen to the level of 20, and the penis would become soft.


Now let’s talk about the second problem. Most men rush to enter the penis as soon as they wear a condom, even if their desire has decreased a bit in the process of donning.

Instead, you should make sure that your level of excitation in the condom now is 20 before proceeding to action. If erection and the level of sensuality now are exactly at level 20, then during penetration of the vagina can drop to 15, and as a result the penis gets soft.

Anything can affect the level of sexual desire also decrease from 20 to 15, if at the time you try to enter your body. That can reduce the level of passion in sex in men?

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