Adam Lambert: “don’t wait until something happens, go and do it”

Adam Lambert has unwittingly taken a vow of silence — at the insistence of the doctors a few weeks he was forced to protect his vocal chords. Pop singer continued with her tour called “The Original High Tour”, but all the time outside the stage conducted, without opening his mouth. On the eve of his concert in Moscow the musician replied in writing to some questions and RS talked about their psychedelic experiments and the beauty of Russian men.

You are known for their almost manic workaholism. Presumably, this was the reason for your problems with ligaments?
Vocal cords — the tool is very fragile, because such problems happen and not have such workaholics like me. The voice should care, if not uglyadite, the occurrence of such trouble. Fortunately, my ligaments are strong enough and trained, so I easily restored even after the big overloads.

In one of his first interview with the American Rolling Stone you told me that decided to participate in the show “American Idol”, being in a state of psychedelic trip at Burning Man. Is it possible to call this method is effective for making important life decisions?
In General it was not so. I tripower, it is true, but not at Burning Man, and on the other — there is something about art and stuff. I then knew nothing about “American Idol”, but in the state I have received “divine enlightenment”: I realized that I should, despite everything, to go forward for your dream. After a couple of months I learned that began auditions on “American Idol” and realized “That’s it!” Since then I live with this philosophy and strive to make all decisions based on it: “don’t wait until something happens, go and do it”.

Your ever-changing hair color fans discuss almost if not more than your new album. You’re not afraid of the constant change of image to lose yourself?
I really like to experiment with their image — I’m not doing this in order for someone to please, not because it’s dictated by the industry. No. This is just another way of expression, like music or fashion. I’m not afraid to lose yourself, because as long as the choice of image is my and only my choice, this will not happen.

You might have heard that Sacha Baron Cohen is no longer involved in the filming of the biopic of Freddie mercury because of differences with the living members of Queen as to whether to include in the movie scene slutty episodes from the life of the singer. What do you think, is it fair to rewrite this story, making Freddy righteous?
It’s hard to say because I don’t know anything about this movie, no details. Although I must admit — I’d love to see a picture when it finally appears. Freddie, of course, was albeit controversial, but legendary person under the influence of which we all are still. During our joint tour with Queen Brian and Roger has told me such amazing stories about Freddie! I’m still impressed.

How are your relationships with neighbors where you live now? If it causes the police on the occasion of noisy parties?
The truth is, I just bought a new house and now busy with its development. In General, I am perfect, trouble-free neighbor. Almost all the time I’m on tour, and when not on tour, the rest, I’m not heard and not seen. So the police never to me is not stated.

Please name 5 tracks that you are listening now?
Nick Jonas and Tove Lu “Close” is a great song and awesome video. I had the opportunity to work with Tuva during the recording of the last album “The Original High”, and can assure you she is incredibly talented. The second track is a “Dangerous Woman” Ariana Grande. Exceptional song, especially her vocal. Further… “Kiss It Better” Rihanna — nothing to explain, because she’s a rock star. Fourth track Steve Aoki and Felix Yen (and your humble servant) “Can’t Go Home”. I really like this song — it’s summer and light. And our experience of collaboration with Steve and Felix I always remember with great joy. And the last song — The Weeknd “Often” (Kygo remix). I like the original version, but Kygo is always kicking ass. Beautiful they came out of tandem, the track is rocking!

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