Dogs reduce the level of child anxiety

American psychologists have found simple and affordable for every family relief children with anxiety disorders. This year, American scientists conducted a series of studies whose aim was to find the most simple and effective method that would treat young patients from a variety of anxiety disorders. And this method has been found!

During the study, researchers observed the lives of more than 600 children aged 7-8 years. In search of effective remedies from anxiety all the little subjects periodically held a variety of surveys and answered questions of the special questionnaires. In the analysis of the data unexpectedly revealed a very interesting fact.

It turned out that low level of anxiety is directly correlated with the presence of four-legged friend. Only 12 percent of children having a dog at home, were identified increased anxiety. While the high anxiety level of children surveyed who did not have dogs, under other equal conditions, was equal to a whole 21%!

Psychologists explain this by the fact that during the games, with the dog in the human body decreases the levels of cortisol, which is one of the main stress hormones. By communicating with four-legged friend not only improves the psychological condition of children and adults, but and even the immune system. Here is the news! No wonder the Kid from the tales of Astrid Lindgren kept asking the parents of the puppy!

Such an emotional and sensitive boy is a pet, it is absolutely necessary. In addition, the research process was discovered another beneficial effect of the presence of dogs in the house. Five minutes stroking the dog’s fur a day may reduce blood pressure to the biological norm.

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