Cure for baldness will make a man impotent

Bad news for balding men – cures for hair loss cause of sustainable impotence, which continues for years. And even the admission of the viagra does not help to solve the issue.


The technique of the popular drugs based on finasteride that affect the level of the male hormone testosterone, is the most effective method of combating hair loss. It is the testosterone in combination with heredity is responsible for 80% of cases of focal male pattern baldness. Finasteride and its derivatives, originally designed for the treatment of hyperplasia of prostate, not giving the male hormone to turn into dihydrotestosteron that allows men to save hair.


Alas, for all the good in life, you have to pay. Testosterone is responsible not only for hair loss, but also for libido, and not only men but also women. Any attack on this hormone threatens men with impotence, which was proven in another study by American scientists. They emphasize that the effects from this drug are so significant that men will not help even drugs such as viagra. In some cases of persistent impotence persists after 4 years after stopping therapy finasteridum. By the way, as soon as men cease to drink this medicine, their hair starts to fall out again.

But more significantly the taking finasteride and its derivatives is a major risk factor for such conditions as diabetes and hypertension, the drug is dangerous to the health of smokers. These are the results of studying the effects of finasteride on men’s health, conducted by experts from Northwestern University. The drug reduces the level of specific prostate antigens, it has been used as hair growth stimulant by various celebrities, including the current U.S. President Donald trump.

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