Because of the influence of social networks, young people spend a lot of time alone

Young people are three times more likely than seniors to spend most of his time in solitude and isolation. According to experts, modern young people find it difficult to make friends. They feel a strong influence of social networks.

The youth spends too much time in social networks and therefore suffers from loneliness. Few walks – still trying to find friends on the Internet.

Another aspect: young people constantly compare themselves with other users of social networks. They may seem that others are actively having fun and generally have a more interesting life. In General, all this leads to the substitution of real virtual friends and feelings of social exclusion.

A survey of more than 5,000 people of different age showed that 18% felt lonely most of the time. But in the group of persons 16-24 years of age it complained about 32% and in the group “over 65” – only 11%. It was also established: one in twenty said that it never liked, one in eight believed that the feeling of love is a rare phenomenon. In General, most often people have had 2-3 close friends. But one in eight were not close friends at all. Only every 20th was more than 10 close friends.

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