The virtual revolution is a documentary about an unprecedented experiment on humanity

The story of a quiet revolution that has affected every human being; how we become complicit in that changed the whole world.

More than twenty years have passed since the invention of the world wide web. Dr. Alex Krotoski (Aleks Krotoski) writes about her last ten years. It explores the value of the virtual world, the impact he had on our lives since its inception, and what value the Network has for the future.

The Creator of the world wide web (World Wide Web) Tim Berners-Lee believed that his invention will retain open borders and accessibility, would not belong to someone and take away power from the few to give it the most.

Bringing provocative and decisive arguments, Alex Krotoski undertook to evaluate the utopian expectations and the rigidity of the realities that brought digital revolution.

Documentary series “Virtual revolution”

The virtual revolution – the Great social equality?
To make all people equal in the world wide web was one of her main tasks. The Internet is available all the way to openly Express their ideas, the possibility of communication and interaction. In this movie Alex Krotoski wants to find out how the dreams of social equality to become real with the help of the Network, as it reviewed the concepts of ownership, values and knowledge.

In the first of a four series Alex Krotoski results charts unprecedented growth in blogs, Wikipedia and YouTube, and also tracks the ongoing conflict between the freedom offered to us by technology and the innate human desire to control and to profit.

The virtual revolution – enemy of the state?

The network has provided each access to an incredible amount of information and the opportunity to create history. With the participation of al Gore, Martha lane Fox, Stephen fry and bill gates, Aleks explores Krotoski, such as interactive websites like Twitter and YouTube to encourage direct action and politicize young people on an unprecedented scale.

The virtual revolution – the cost of freedom

Free illusory. What is the price of the gifts Online? Moral and social costs of freedom, are they a price worth paying? What do we risk using free services? What is the price of free web services? What do we pay? What we give on a daily basis and in huge quantity?

The virtual revolution – Homo interneticus?

The founder of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg, bill gates, al Gore and the neuroscientist Susan Greenfield joined Alex and explore the popularity of social networks. They wonder how the Network is changing our relationships? As it can be distracting and overloading our brains? Can the world wide web to change our human nature? Homo sapiens becomes Homo interneticus? Whether we realize it or not, we all participate in an unprecedented experiment on humanity, the outcome of which is still ambiguous.

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