A psychologist told how to spend holidays with children and to relax

Approaching school holidays, and the majority is already planning a long-awaited vacation. If you have children, the vacation together can be a nightmare: queues at the airport, children’s whims, problems with Luggage, stomach infection, arguing teenagers and other horrors.

“We are often fascinated by photos of distant exotic countries, forgetting about the harsh reality – long trip, which is often very difficult to organize. The journey time takes precious vacation days and tiring us. But the road back is too long to comfortably adapt to the weekdays. If you take a vacation kids, then rest not far from the house, you can get to the next town or nature, but to an exotic country it is better not to fly,” recommends the expert.

According to E. Melnikova, not to spoil your vacation is to reduce your wardrobe to a minimum, this applies not only to moms and dads, but also children. This simple rule will help you easier keep track of your things during transportation, and also teach your children more to take care of the things, because the “spare” not so much.

“In order to prevent children from ruining your vacation, don’t let them decide where and how you relax. You can create the “illusion of choice” will offer them options that suit you or just to listen to their opinion and to say that I will try to do everything in his power to consider. However, we should not forget that no matter how you want to gladden your child, he’s just a kid, and a lot more does not know and does not understand, and another country is not the place to allow the child to make important and responsible decisions”, – adds the expert.
The psychologist also stressed that rest and relaxation are important for a good holiday, but at some point we want to get involved with something new and ready-to-flow state – when not the result is important, the process itself. For this activity must be difficult and require effort, but to stay within our capabilities. The result is a deep sense of absolute pleasure. Think about what you could get involved, to surprise themselves and their loved ones, trying something new, I didn’t think myself capable of. These adventures will make your vacation more eventful, joyful and memorable.

“When planning a family vacation, choose activities that evoke strong positive emotions, and try to finish the holiday on a high note, because after all, as it will remain in your memory” – concludes E. Melnikov.

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